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Revolutionizing DeFi! 

We are ‘Baked Beans’ a BNB miner and a BSC token ‘Bean Chart’ $BCT. 

We are the Bake-House the place to earn passive income in the DeFi space!

Our desire is to be the leading BNB miner platform and with this idea, we have launched $BCT with a transaction tax that will be strategically and 100% transparently deposited into the ‘Baked Beans Miner’ for optimal growth of the smart contract mining pool.

Baked Beans Miner

Baked Beans is simple on the surface, but a very complex mining platform, you enter bnb into the contract and earn bnb back at a daily % dependent on a variety of factors. You can compile or pull out your rewards through the very simple dapp we have built. We have thought of most of the mechanics most think we have breezed past, feel free to stop into our Telegram to discuss it with us.

$BCT Bean Chart Token

$BCT Tax

Buy Tax


 4% Marketing | 3% LP | 5% Baked Beans Miner 

Sell Tax


4% Marketing | 3% LP | 5% Baked Beans Miner 

**we will be doing manual buy backs and burns from the marketing wallet for special events**

$BCT Token Allocation

Baked Beans Miner

Get your BNB ready and

start using Baked Beans Miner and Bake some Beans for BNB rewards!


Where to buy $BCT

$BCT ‘Bean Chart’ a BSC token!

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'Bean Chart'
$BCT Contract

Contract Address:


Miner Deposit Wallet

Miner Deposit Wallet:



Owner and Lead 


We are a dedicated team of a few individuals looking to create a fair, safe, and overall profitable space for all of our investors and users of ‘Baked Beans Miner’. 

Our token designed after launch will show you our drive to make sure this is a space in crypto that can last for years to come. 

We appreciate each and every one of our investors and users. We plan to continue developing this until we are known across the world as the go to BNB Rewards Pool and Token.

Owner, Graphic Designer, Dev


More coming soon!!

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